Must-see VIDEO: Dentist removes Mans teeth with screwdriver

AN Aussie lad doesn’t even flinch as his teeth are knocked out with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Click the link below to see:

Anyone afraid of visiting the dentist needs to take a lesson out of this geezer’s book.A painful – but impressive – video shows an “outback dentist” yank out his pegs with surgical instruments right out of the nearest toolbox.With a folded piece of cardboard as anaesthetic, the amateur operator grips the rotting tooth with the pliers and then knocks it up with the back of a screwdriver.
A still from the videoDIY: The lad even grips his tooth with the pliers himself
A still from the videoWAIT FOR IT: This may hurt a little

“Hey, we’re tough in the bush”

The Aussie

Most of us would have called it a day after the first tooth.

But this absolute LAD wants to make the most of his appointment and – blood gushing from his mouth – asks for a second removal.

The second tooth is reluctant to come out – but the hardman doesn’t quit until the tusk is torn loose.

A still from the videoWHACK: The ‘dentist’ hits the pliers with the screwdriver
A still from the videoHARDMAN: He’s still smiling
Pulling a happy grin, he tells the camera: “Hey, we’re tough in the bush.”